Independent opinions on listed stocks may be useful instruments to support your decisions when handling your finances!


On this site DIAWONDS® publics buy-side opinions on listed stocks that provide only impersonal advice; are “bona fide; and are of general and regular circulation.

Buy-side means that the analyst is not receiving compensation, other than from you the clients, for his opinions. These buy-side opinions weren’t commissioned by anyone and no one paid to have these opinions produced and disseminated. Buy-side analysis may be of great value for readers. 

Sell-side analysis instead are typically produced by financial analysts which are employees at financial firms and follow different rationalities of production and distribution. Robin Wigglesworth at the Financial Times reported that: "banks and brokerages are shedding research analysts as the industry wekes up to the fact that the vast majority of what it produces is never read." (8 Febrauary 2017). That refers to sell-side analysis.  

Opinions, written in English (Gray Cubes), are provided in “pdf” format - click on cubes for details, descriptions and samples.

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Select geographic areas on top of the window to access other opinions and select the DIAWONDS® ’S logo to reach the home page. Need help? For further information write to: or call +39(forItaly).02(forMilan).40741379(forDIAWONDS).


Orange Cubes refer to outdated and/or obsolete opinions, written in English, and are available for free after registration, while the Yellow Cubes refer to outdated and/or obsolete opinions, written in Italian, and are also available for free after registration. 

Blue Cubes refer to opinions, written in Italian, on floated shares, while the Green Cubes refer to opinions on industrial sectors, written in Italian.